Hotel Villa El Bosque, Holguin City, Cuba
A hotel in the modern area of the Holguín City, the Cuban City of Parks

Villa El Bosque

Villa El Bosque is a three star hotel located outside Holguin City, Cuba.

Close to the center of the city, in Villa El Bosque, travelers will find personalized service and excellent food, and will enjoy a restful break in cozy rooms. Daytime and evening entertainment is characterized by creative suggestions of participatory games and the music of your choice.


Villa El Bosque is one of those establishments available for foreign vacationers interested in visiting a city that has gained ground as one of Cuba's main tourist destinations and is located at a 10-minute drive from downtown Holguín.

Large Swimming Pool

On Villa El Bosque the lobby sets the tone with its potted palms and intriguing and beautiful artwork. If the restaurant here doesn't please, you can dine for a pittance at the nearby “El Pancho” tavern, serving hearty local fare such as shrimp with rice, plus home-brewed draft beers.

Villa El Bosque is a good base to visit Gibara, other charming towns, beaches, lakes, hills, and archaeological sites of Cuban aborigines devoted to farming, with evidence of the earliest Cuban inhabitants.


The establishment, experts say, is a great place to stay in transit to other Cuban destinations; that's why, many foreign travelers stay at Villa El Bosque after a long flight from Europe or the Americas.

Living Room

The villa's offers are complemented by Cayo Saetía, where tourists can visit a game preserve inhabited by many protected animals, including deer, wild boars, buffaloes, ostriches, peacocks and wild bulls, among others.

Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy beautiful beaches like Guardalavaca, Don Lino, Pesquero and Esmeralda, as well as museums, keys and a wide range of gastronomic options.

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